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What are hydraulic fittings
Hydraulic fittings is a component in the hydraulic system that connects the high-pressure oil pipe and the high-pressure oil pipe.
Hydraulic fittings

Although the hydraulic joint is also a joint component, it is very different from many pipe joint components that we usually come into contact with. Especially for many common joints that are not suitable and can withstand high pressure, it is often necessary to use such joints.

What Are Hydraulic Fittings

Hydraulic fittings offer two major performance advantages:

Advantage 1: Good pressure resistance.
Because the hydraulic joint is made of very high-quality metal material, the material itself has good impact resistance, and with the special heavy-duty equipment on its structure, the entire structure can have good pressure resistance. In this way, when the joint is applied, it has a very good resistance to various pressures, so it has a good advantage in terms of service life.
hydraulic fittings adapters.

What  Are Hydraulic Fittings

Advantage 2: Good fatigue resistance.
Because the material and manufacturing process of the hydraulic joint are excellent, and the structural design is also very unique, this structure can also rely on a very high-quality structure, and also has a good advantage in fatigue resistance.

That is to say, the durability and fatigue resistance of hydraulic joints are very good.
With these two performance advantages, the joints can withstand relatively large pressures and are not easily damaged by external forces. Because of this, this kind of joint is required in the hydraulic system and cannot be replaced by ordinary joints.

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