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Butterfly Hoses Clamps

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Butterfly Hose Clamps (American Type)
Standard :SAE

Band width: 8mm and 12.7mm are available

Band thickness: 0.6mm

Under RoHS & REACH standard,No chromium(VI) used for coating purposes.

Unique butterfly shaped screw head easily twists for hand tightening without tools

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Product Details:

Butterfly Handle Tube Hoop American Hose Clamp Swivel Clamp suitable for hand fitting and supplied with a thumb screw,allowing easy toruqe using just a thumb and forefinger.
Suitable for applications where there is a requirement for frequent tightening/loosening on low torque application; mainly for the hardware market.
This product range is manufactured to SEA standard and has a plastic spade for ease of use.Wingspades are suited to fittings that may need to be removed from time to time such as dust extraction units,garden hoses and other domestic applications.

Installation Torque: Butterfly Hose Clamps

35 in-lbs (4 Nm) for band 12.7mm
15 in-lbs (1.7 Nm) for band 8mm

Butterfly Hose Clamps (American Type)

Turn key hose clamp,easy twist by handle
Unique butterfly shaped screw head easily twists for hand tightening without tools,
The perfect smooth stamped band and burr-free flared edges prevent hoses from damaging during installation,Smooth band inside to protect hose surface from damage
Round edge,no burr,no deformation,can be reused
Wrest resistant and high crushing strength.

American Butterfly Hose Clamps Application:

American Butterfly Hose Clamps: Non-perforated Band are designed for home, garden and DIY applications. No tools are required. This clamp can be tightened or opened manually.

Butterfly Hose Clamps (American Type) Material Specification:

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