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Whether the selection of hydraulic fittings is suitable or not has a great impact on the entire machine.If the selected hydraulic connector are not suitable, it may affect the daily use, and there may be some safety hazards.
so it is necessary to pay more strict attention, remember the following points to teach you how to choose hydraulic fittings

  1. Pressure on both sides
    When selecting hydraulic fittings, it is necessary to match the extra working pressure and the pressure that is excluded by itself.

so the selected hydraulic fittings will be suitable and avoid affecting the normal use of the machine during the work process.

  1. the inner diameter of the joint
    Generally speaking, the inner diameter of hydraulic fittings is between 5-7.5m/s, and the maximum inner diameter cannot exceed 10m/s.

According to this range, the inner diameter of the hose can be determined, and it can also be used as a reference when selecting.


If the worker’s operation is correct with unobstructed, the total length of the high-pressure hose will continue to shrink, and the maximum limit cannot exceed 30m.

  1. the length of the hose
    A single rubber hose should choose some slightly longer hydraulic fittings, but the length of a single piece should not be less than 5m, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the joint.
  2. Match with the high pressure of the machine
    Because hydraulic fittings meets the mechanical strength, the flow area and shape will be the same as the hose.

At this time, you can choose a high-speed fittings to avoid some impact.


Remember the following points to teach you how to choose hydraulic fittings? The above article has introduced some related matters about this issue in detail.

When choosing, you can choose according to your own situation.It is recommended that you go to some professional , regular institutions to purchase, to avoid some problems in the quality of the hydraulic fittings, or accidents in the process of use.