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Chicago Coupling Hose End

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Finished: zinc plated(Cr6)


MOQ: 500 pcs

Customized Service: We are specialized in all kinds of hydraulic hose fittings, adapters, ferrules, flanges, fitting accessories

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Product Details

Hose end is one of Chicago air hose couplings, which is available for carbon steel, brass and stainless steel. Carbon steel couplings are stronger and more durable than the other metal couplings.

The carbon steel couplings are used in noncorrosive environments. The carbon steel hose ends are the most popular because of the economical and durable life.

Working pressure: 10 bar, max. Test pressure: 16 bar.

Chicago Coupling Feature

The original quarter-turn claw type hose coupling, the Chicago hose coupling connects hose and equipment with ease.

Connect hose of varying diameters without additional adapters, all Chicago type hose couplings interchange through 1 inch. Couplings 1 inch and under have a 2-lug design that interchanges regardless of hose or thread size. All couplings over 1 inch have a 4-lug design that also interchanges between other 4-lug sizes.

Chicago Coupling Hose End Specification

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