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Hydraulic Ferrule

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Hydraulic Ferrule Manufacturer

Hydraulic ferrule is specially designed for rubber hydraulic and thermoplastic hoses and widely used as well in industrial hoses.Hydraulics ferrules are assembled on crimping machines for a permanent connection or by screwing in the case of reusable ferrules.According the way the fittings are assembled on the hose , we distinguish the types of two-piece crimp fittings , that is, ferrule and insert or one-piece fitting.

Hydraulic Ferrule 00110

SAE 100R1AT/ EN 853 1SN Hose 00110 Non Skive Ferrule

Item 00100 ferrule is for SAE 100R1AT or EN 853 1SN Hose. It is a type of skive ferrules which can meet many international ferrule standards and some industry production.

    Hydraulic Ferrule 00210

    SAE 100 R2AT/ EN 853 2SN HOSE 00210 Non Skive Ferrule

    Widely used in the hydraulic and fluid conveying system of machinery, oilfield, mine, building, transportation, food and other industrie.

    Hydraulic Ferrule 03310

    SAE 100 R2AT/ EN 853 2SN HOSE 03310 Non Skive Ferrule

    We manufacture No-Skive Ferrule for SAE 100R2AT/EN 853 2SN Hose and supply OEM, ODM service according to your requirement.

    hydraulic ferrule 00400

    4SP 4SH R12 HOSE 00400 Skive Ferrule

    00400 is ferrule type for four steel wire braided hose such as R9A, R9R, 4SP, 4SH, R12, etc. Hose ferrules are used widely in hydraulic field.

    Hydraulic Ferrule 00621

    SAE 100R13/ EN856 R13 Hose 00621 Interlock Ferrule

    Customized Service: We are specialized in all kinds of hydraulic hose fittings, adapters, ferrules, flanges, fitting accessories.

    hydraulic hose ferrule

    00018-04 Ferrule

    Brand: OrientFlex,Materials:stainless steel/ carbon steel/ brass,Model:00018-04,Customizable: Yes

    Hydraulic Ferrule 00110

    00TFO-05 Ferrule

    Brand: OrientFlex,Materials:stainless steel/carbon steel/brass,Model: 00TFO-05,Customizable:Yes.


    01400-16 Ferrule

    Brand: OrientFlex,Materials:stainless steel/carbon,steel/brass,Model:01400-16 Ferrule,Customizable:Yes.