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In the last piece, we learned 3 types of quick coupling. While this time let’s talk others about it.

Generally, the spec difference is mainly the connector. It has many sizes, but the most used are 1/2’’ and 3/4’’. However, you have to confirm the size of your water hose first. Because different sizes mean they can’t fit each other.


In fact, the materials of quick coupling are quite different on the market. It can be stainless steel, copper, zinc coated and iron coated. However, there is also plastic material. Then which one is the better?

In conclusion, the stainless steel is the best. Because it’s durable and will never rust. Besides, it’s more safe and can use for drinking water hose. However, the price is much higher than others.

Copper coupling is also good. But it’s too expensive. The other metal hoses are similar on the property and price. While the plastic one is the most cheap. But the durability is not that good.


How to install quick coupling
As the name shows, the quick coupling is to achieve quick connection. No matter on your water hose or spray gun. It’s really convenient.

First, connect the coupling on both sides of water hose. Then connect it to water hose and tighten the nut. When you hear a “click”, that means the collection finished.

Above are the knowledge about quick coupling. And hope it can help you. But if you still have some questions, please contact OrientFlex. We are a supplier of plastic and rubber products.


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