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Hose is a necessary material in our daily life. While we use water hose the most at home. However, the joint is also a vital part. It concerns the normal use of water hose.

Compared with other joints, quick coupling is more convenient and easier to use. Besides, it can greatly avoid the water waste. But most people don’t know much about it. Don’t worry, let me introduce you in detail.


Quick coupling structure
High pressure water hoses are different in material and function. Thus the structure is also different for joint. You can connect or cut off them manually without any tools. While the quick coupling has 3 types, open type, closed type and combined type.

Closed type
At unconnected condition, male and female hold the channel with the spring. Then the thimbles both close and cut off the flow in a moment. While at connect condition, the thimble back to the previous position when male inserts male.


Then the male connects tightly. Meanwhile, the thimbles pull each other. Then the liquid can flow through the hose. The O ring can prevent the leakage entirely.

Open type
When unconnected, the copper sleeve on female was pulled to another end. Then the steel ball rolls outside, which remove the male. On such occasion, liquid will flow outside. Because there is no valve on both male and female.

While when connect, the spring force pull the copper sleeve to previous position. Then the steel balls lock. Thus the liquid can flow. The O ring will prevent the fluid flow outside.


Combined type
In fact, the flow control is almost the same with open type.

Above are the types of quick coupling. If you want to learn more, just follow OrientFlex. We will constantly introduce you hos and joint knowledge.