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Ferrule 00400

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hydraulic ferrule 00400
hydraulic ferrule 00400
hydraulic ferrule 00400
hydraulic ferrule 00400

Finished: zinc plated(Cr6) or chrome plated(Cr3)

Materials:stainless steel/ carbon steel/ brass

MOQ: 300 pcs

Customized Service: We are specialized in all kinds of hydraulic hose fittings, adapters, ferrules, flanges, fitting accessories

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Product Details

00400 outside skive ferrule for 4SP, 4SH(10-16), R12(06-16) HOSE

00401 outside skive ferrule for 4SH, R12(20-32) HOSE

00400 is ferrule type for four steel wire braided hose such as R9A, R9R, 4SP, 4SH, R12, etc. Hose ferrules are used widely in hydraulic field. OrientFlex are manufacturing complete types and sizes to meet different requirements of machine connectors.

Its dimensions are designed to international standard demands. High degrees of smooth finish ensure its high quality that can satisfy customers’ needs with its special and qualified features.

Standards: Eaton and paker standard

Coating Options: White zinc plated Yellow zinc plated Cr3 plated

Your Skive Ferrule for 4SP,4SH/10-16,R12/06-16 Hose is good in quality and competitive in price. We manufacture Skive Ferrule for 4SP,4SH/10-16,R12/06-16 Hose and supply OEM, ODM service according to your requirement.

00400 Skive Ferrule Application:

Widely used in the hydraulic and fluid conveying system of machinery, oilfield, mine, building, transportation, food and other industrie.

00400 Skive Ferrule Specification:

00401 Skive Ferrule Specification:

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