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The hydraulic fittings mainly plays the role of connection in the hydraulic system, so it is also in a relatively important position.

After all, the pressure and impact force at the joint are relatively strong, and the requirements for hydraulic fittings are also very high.


In the process of using hydraulic fittings, if there is any wrong operation, it is easy to cause irreparable consequences.

Let me introduce the precautions in the use of hydraulic fittings in detail:

  1. Avoid using sealant and other items on the hydraulic fittings
    In order to ensure the tightness of the hydraulic fittings, some people use sealants and other items in or near the hydraulic fittings.
    This can easily cause the pressure to increase sharply after the internal blockage and rupture.
  2. One-time installation
    When installing hydraulic fittings, it must be installed at one time, so we can avoid multiple disassembly and assembly,otherwise, it may easily lead to wear and leakage of the interface.
  3. Post-installation test
    When thehydraulic fittings is installed, the overall pipeline should be tested for transportation.
    The main purpose is to test whether there is leakage at the hydraulic joint and the overall impact resistance.
  4. Environmentally friendly near the hydraulic fittings
    The importance of hydraulic fittings also makes them have certain requirements for the environment in which they are located.

The nearby temperature should be kept as stable as possible to avoid thermal expansion and contraction.


At the same time, corrosive gases and liquids should be avoided nearby to reduce leakage caused by corrosion. possibility.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a clear understandings , we need to be paid attention to in the use of hydraulic fittings.

The hydraulic adapters bear important responsibilities, so we should pay more attention when using them to avoid serious damage to the pipeline.