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T Bolt Hose Clamps

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Standard :SAE

Band width: 3/4” (19mm)

Band thickness: 0.024” (0.6mm)

Hex Nut: 7/16″

Installation Torque: 75 in-lbs (8.5 Nm)

Under RoHS & REACH standard, No chromium(VI) used for coating purposes

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Product Details

T-bolt clamps are manufactured with materials in accordance with industry standards to provide high quality and consistency in performance.
T-Bolt clamps are used where gear clamps do not provide adequate strength. They have a large size range and are tightened with a standard socket wrench. The band has a beveled edge which helps to prevent damage to the hose cover when tightened.
T-bolt hose clamps is designed for long-term durability and manufactured to the highest quality standards.
T-Bolt hose clamps use locking nut with nylon insert.Band and bridge in stainless steel SS300, bolt and nut in carbon steel with zinc plated, or all in 300 series stainless steel.

T Bolt Hose Clamps Application:

Widely used variety of automotive, industrial and marine applications. This clamp clamps provide uniform sealing pressure for a positive, reliable seal.

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