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KZF Hydraulic Quick Coupling ISO7421-1B

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KZF Hydraulic Quick Coupling ISO7421-1B
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MOQ: 500 pcs

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Product Details:

KZF Series Couplings Feature
● Poppet valves available to prevent uncoupled leakage.
● Poppet valves open automatically when coupled, within rated working pressure, to keep the flow expeditely.
● Critical parts are hardened for durability.
● Dependable ball-locking mechanism holds the mating halves together.
● Socket and plug are precision machined from solid bar stock.
● KZF Series conforms to the standard of ISO7241-1B.
● Compatible with PARKER 60 Series, FASTER HNV Series, AEROQUIP FD45 Series and HANSEN HK Series.

KZF Series Couplings Applications

KZF couplings, are used across the spectrum of hydraulic applications. These Double Shut-Off couplings can be found anywhere that fluid transfer lines need to be connected and disconnected for operation or maintenance of equipment and a loss of fluid is undesirable.
KZF couplings primarily used with hydraulic fluid, are also used with chemicals, water, steam and some gases.

KZF Series Couplings Specification

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