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Twist-Claw Hose Couplings for Air and Water

Also known as Chicago and universal couplings, these have an identical claw-style head that allows you to connect to another Chicago twist-claw hose coupling, regardless of the pipe size or barbed hose ID. To connect, push two couplings together with a quarter twist. Couplings have a safety clip and lanyard to prevent accidental disconnection.

Couplings with a barbed end insert into rubber hose and secure with a clamp.

Wye couplings are also known as three-way hose couplings. Use them to connect one inlet to two outlets.

Iron couplings are stronger and more durable than other metal couplings. Use in noncorrosive environments. Zinc-plated steel couplings have fair corrosion resistance and should be used primarily in dry environments. Brass couplings are softer than various other metal couplings, so they’re much easier to string together. They have good corrosion resistance. 316 stainless-steel couplings have superb corrosion resistance. They’re the very best option for high-humidity atmospheres.

Warning: There is no valve in these couplings. Stop the flow of air and water before you disconnect the line.

Chicago Couplings
Universal style couplings, also known as “Chicago Couplings”, are most commonly used on hose lines connecting pneumatic tools to a compressed air source. Firmly pressing one coupler to another and twisting seals the connection. Safety clips prevent accidental disconnection during use. A convenient quick connect system to mate varying diameters of hose as all sizes up to 1 inch are interchangeable. Sizes over 1 inch have a four lug design.

Chicago Coupling Advantages
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