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A pipe ferrule is one of the types of pipe fitting which are manufactured by using various materials. These ferrules are widely used essentially for joining or binding different pipe sections.
A pipe ferrule includes a circular clamp to connect together and join wires, fibers, or posts.

What are Hydraulic Ferrule?
Hydraulic Ferrule is used to assemble any fittings for high-pressured hydraulic hoses.
It is widely used in industrial hoses, especially for rubber hydraulic and thermoplastic hoses. Crimping machines are used to assemble Ferrules for permanent connection.
Ferrules are often made of carbon, stainless steel, brass, and plastic, sometimes coated to avoid corrosion from chemicals.

Products Advantage:
Firstly: The sizes and dimensions we make at our factory are perfectly according to international standards(EATON STANDARD),We produce base our catalog,and we also provide OEM services,it means we can do fittings according your drawing or samples and carved your logos,it’s no problem for us.

Secondly:The quality of galvanization in our factory is higher,Also the salt spray,we can make it up to at least 96 hours,that perfect salt spray means better galvanization.

Thirdly:CNC machine ,They are more accurate and The surface treatment of the product is more smooth.

Forth:We do hydraulic fittings almost thirty years, We develop a the new manufacturing facility, after the procedure of the new base also implies a faster manufacturing cycle for orders, and also much more far better quality control.
More equipments and also even more team after growth of the factory … is to bring the work environment to international criteria.