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Various industrial enterprises need to use Hydraulic adapter.

Hydraulic adapter is also considered a relatively common fittings.

As an important part of the transition, the installation must not be sloppy, otherwise it is easy to cause leakage.

Some special industries are even prone to safety accidents, so we should be clear about hydraulic adapter in the installation of the steps.


The following is my specific introduction to hydraulic adapter installation step.

A. Pre-installation inspection

Before the installation of hydraulic adapter, we should check all the parts to see if there is a shortage of parts. We also should check if the parts are broken, and if there is a mismatch in the connection.

Second, parts splicing

Assemble all the parts into one parts to make a good foundation for the final assembly.

We should try to ensure a compact connection to avoid leakage.

Three, bolt fixed

All the assembled parts as a whole with bolts and nuts for fixing.

We ensure the fixed degree of solidity, and not too tight, easy to cause damage to the parts.

Fourth, adjust the position

Install the final assembled hydraulic adapter and adjust the final position to ensure it can work properly.


V. Test performance

Finally, we should test the performance of hydraulic adapter.

The work test detects whether there will be leakage, the work test detects whether the installation is loose. Thus there will be no safety problems.

Through the above introduction believe that you have a final knowledge of the installation steps of hydraulic adapter.

hydraulic adapter as an important transition point of machinery, we can imagine its significance.

We should focus on the installation, the steps can not be wrong, to avoid serious safety problems.