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OrientFlex Metric Hydraulic Fittings
Hydraulic hoses and fittings come in different pressure ratings. OrientFlex can provide a full range of metric hydraulic hose and the fittings that are used with it.
It is important to match up the hose with the required pressure rating with the correct hose fittings.
There is a detailed section of Metric & Multistandard’s catalog that shows the hose sizes and types that are available and the hose fittings that are to be used with each other.

Metric Hydraulic Fitting
We offer a full selection of Metric Hydraulic Adapters and Fittings, including 10411,20411,20491,10511,20511,20541,20591,10311,20211,20241,20291,10611,20611. OrientFlex metric compression fittings are highly resistant to vibration and create strong, reliable, leak-free connections.