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ORFS Hydraulic Fittings Dimensions

ORFS system consists of ORFS Male with O Ring in Face, which seals against Flat Seated ORFS Female Swivel Nut fitting.
The Swivel Nut can be slipped back to help installation in tight situations.
The prominent position of the O Ring on the Male fitting makes it easy to inspect the condition of the O Ring.

The male half of the connection has an O-ring with a straight thread. The female half has a machined flat surface with a straight thread.
A seal takes place when the O-ring on the male end is squeezed onto the female flat surface seat. The swivel nut on the female half holds the connection together.

ORFS hydraulic fittings have a straight thread and a flat face with an O-ring groove machined in the flat face.

Sealing takes place by compressing the O-ring onto the at face of the female connector. Fittings with O-rings oer advantages over metal-tometal fittings.
Under or overtighening any fitting can allow leakage, but all-metal ttings are more susceptible to leakage because they must be tightened to a higher and narrower torque range.

This makes it easier to strip threads or crack or distort fitting components,
which prevents proper sealing.

Leaks can result from vibration, thermal cycling and from loads being supported by the connection (i.e.using the tting in the connection to support mechanical loads).