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I have to say that nowadays industrial technology is becoming more and more developed, and there are also various machine accessories.It is estimated that many people are stupid and can’t tell the difference.

Take oil pipe fittings as an example, there are many classifications at present, among which hydraulic oil pipe fittings are a common and widely used fitting.

The following hydraulic fitting manufacturers share with you four common hydraulic fitting.

  1. Crimp fittings

This kind of hydraulic fittings is relatively common in hydraulic oil pipe joints, and is the most widely used.

Hydraulic fitting that is commonly put into production in large quantities.

It mainly has the advantages of compact structure, small outer diameter and good sealing performance.

At present, this kind of hydraulic fitting has three forms of A, B and C, and the maximum working pressure that can be tolerated is 40MPa.

  1. Hinged fitting

This kind of fitting is mainly used for the connection where the liquid flows to the right angle. Compared with the ordinary hydraulic fitting, it has many advantages.

The most important thing is that it can adjust the direction at will.

it is more convenient to install, and it takes up very little space.

At present, it is mainly divided into two types: fixed type and movable type.

  1. Center rotary fitting

Because some machines or projects need to be rotated, such special fittings are required.

It is mainly installed to fix the chassis, install the hydraulic pump and the oil tank, etc.,

so all the oil circuits can be unblocked.

Although this fitting is not very common, it is widely used in lifting machinery and special projects.

  1. Quick connector

As the name suggests, this connector can be replaced quickly, and no tools are required during the replacement process.

It is mainly suitable for relatively special hydraulic pipelines and other scenarios that often require disassembly and assembly.

Through the above introduction, it is estimated that everyone has a simple understanding of the four common hydraulic fitting.


In fact, everyone should pay attention to different scenarios, the use of different connectors.We should pay more attention to the relevant precautions when using connectors.Avoid using the wrong connector and cause other unnecessary troubles.