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Hydraulic Ferrule Application

Hydraulic ferrules are the elements used to assemble the hydraulic fittings on hydraulic hoses for high pressure. They are specially designed for rubber hydraulic and thermoplastic hoses and widely used as well in industrial hoses. Ferrules are assembled on crimping machines for a permanent connection or by screwing in the case of reusable ferrules.

Fittings for high pressure hoses are assembled on hydraulic hoses with the use of special ferrules. Designed especially for rubber hydraulic hoses and thermoplastic hoses but widely used for industrial hoses as well.
Constructed by screwing (multiple-use) or on crimping devices (permanent connection). Our offer consists of a wide variety of fitting kinds– depending on a link component (metric, imperial, and so on).

The hydraulic ferrule used with two-piece fittings allows greater flexibility in hose selection and connection, including 1SN, 2SN and multi-spiral hoses which allow for multiple two-piece fitting and ferrule options to accommodate the specific application.