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Do you know how to classify hydraulic adapters

1.Push-in hydraulic adapters

2.It is more common in the connection of nylon hose and polyurethane material pipe in pneumatic control circuit.

After the stainless steel adapter manufacturer inserts the pipeline into the application, it is fixed by the ductile snap ring in the pipe joint and fixed by its independent teeth. Ring tightness.

When unloading the pipe, simply press down the malleable retaining ring, and the pipe can be easily pulled out.

There are various types of push-in hydraulic adapters, and the product series of specifications are also very complete. It is the most commonly used type of hydraulic adapters.

The types of push-in hydraulic adapters include straight-through terminal equipment, bevel terminal equipment, tee, cross, Y-shaped, T-shaped terminal equipment, through-board joints, filter separator joints, etc.

There is a Teflon coating that replaces the basic seal.