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K1 American type brass quick connect

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Hydraulic Quick Coupling Details:

The smooth, open bore with no valving in either half offers minimal pressure drop and allows easy cleaning in applications where the same lines are used for more than one media.

● K1nipples are available in steel, stainless steel, brass.

● The K1 is an “Interchange” coupling because the dimen-sionally and functionally can interchange with similar couplings made by other manufactures.

● K1 couplers and nipples are machined from solid bar stock providing the quality coupling that is durable.

● Compatible with PARKER ST Series, HANSEN ST Series, FOSTER FST Series.

Product Details:

The K1 Series are non-valved couplings for applications where maximum flow is required.
Their somooth, open bore offers the lowest pressure drop of any quick coupling design and is ideal for applications such as high-pressure water and steamwashers, carpet cleaners and mold coolant lines and many other non-valved applications.

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