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CVV Manual thread locked type high flow hydraulic couplers

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High Flow Hydraulic Couplers Details:

The CVV manual thread locked type high flow hydraulic couplers is a type of hydraulic connector used to quickly and easily connect and disconnect hydraulic lines.

This hydraulic quick coupling is designed for use in high-flow applications, where a large volume of hydraulic fluid needs to be transferred quickly and efficiently.
The CVV manual thread locked type high flow hydraulic quick coupling consists of two halves, which are connected and disconnected by manually turning a locking sleeve.
The coupling features a valve in each half, which opens when the halves are joined to allow hydraulic fluid to flow. When the halves are separated, the valves close to prevent leaks and spills.
This type of quick coupling is commonly used in heavy equipment, such as construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and industrial machinery.

High Flow Hydraulic Couplers Details:

It is designed to withstand high pressures and heavy use and is made from durable materials such as steel or stainless steel.

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High Flow Hydraulic Couplers FAQ

Q: Can you produce the hose with my own brand ?

A: Yes, we have been offering OEM service for 10 years

Q: Can you send us a sample to test quality before ordering ?

A: Yes, we can provide sample by free but the freight and other charges is payed by the customers.

Q: Can you help us do the custom clearance ?

A: Yes, we can. We can help you find a professional custom clearance company to do it.

Q: Could we pay a visit to your factory ?

A: Yes, you are always welcome to visit our factory.

Q: Can we get the goods without your company name to export ?

A: Yes, we can. We are allowed to use your designated agent’s name if you have one.

Q: Can you produce goods with special specification ?

A: First of all, we need to know the specification in details, and then we need to check with our technology
department. We will give customers satisfying reply as soon as possible.

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