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FF Flat Face Type Hydraulic Quick Coupling

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● FF Series couplings employ flush valving when connecting or disco nnecting.This means that the valves are mated together so that only small amounts of fluid can be lost during disconnection or air inclusion during reconnection.
● New chrome plating treatment provides advanced anti-rust pe-rformance.
● FF Series conforms to the standard of ISO 16028.
● Compatible with PARKER FE, FF Series, STUCCHI A8008 Series, AEROQUIP FD89 Series and HANSEN QA2900 Series.
FF Series couplings are widely used in the public utility market where hydraulic oil spillage can constitute a serious safety hazard, particularly in overhead bucket hoists that are used for maintenance of high-voltage power transmission lines.

Product Details:

● Sleeve locking mechanism is engaged by rotating sleeve after connection. It prevents accidental disconnection when coupling is dragged along the ground.
● New valve design, it cans resistance damage from high flow and the pressure of impulse that providing advanced performance.
● Sleeve mechanism is designed to help prevent dirt from entering the internal mechanism and thus causing faulty operation when connecting or disconnecting. The sleeve covers the retaining ring and also incorpor ates a dust seal in the springarea.
● Durable ball-locking mechanism assures reliable connection every time. A largenumber of locking balls distributes and work load evenly while providing alignmentand swiveling action to reduce hose torque and prolong hose life. CAUTION: Theseproducts are not to be used as swivels;rotation under pressure will result in excessive and premature wear.
● This Anti- Blowout Nitrile/PTFE bonded seal is designed to prevent blow-out or damage during severe service conditions .
● Hardened nipples and sleeves and solid barstock construction make for a quality coupling with maximum resistance to damage from hydraulic and mechanical shock.

FF Flat Face Type Hydraulic Quick Coupling Specification

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