Constant Tension Clamps
Constant Tension Clamps

Constant Tension Clamps

Standard :SAE J1508

Band width: 9/16”(14.2mm), 5/8”(15.8mm) are available

Band thickness: 0.024” (0.6mm)

Under RoHS & REACH standard

Installation Torque: ≥15N.m

Unique butterfly shaped screw head easily twists for hand tightening without tools

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Product Introduction

Constant torque hose clamp is used to attach fittings to hoses and designed to react to changes in hose systems by increasing or decreasing in diameter as the system expands or contracts.

The Constant torque hose clamp band is made from stainless steel to provide resistance to scaling and corrosion, and stainless steel screw resists erosion.

Constant Tension Clamps characteristics of large torque, high fastness, and unlimited length, it can be easily used in some large volume.

Use constant torque hose clamp on the heating and cooling systems. They are worm-drive and provide a series of spring washers.

The constant torque hose clamp design automatically adjusts its diameter. It compensates for the normal expansion and construction of hose and tubing during vehicle operation and shutdown. Clamps prevent leakage and rupture problems caused by cold flow or changes in the environment or operating temperature.

Constant Tension Clamps Material Specification:

Material Band Housing Screw Washer
W2 SS200/SS300 Series SS200/SS300 Series SS410 2CR13
W4 SS200/SS300 Series SS200/SS300 Series SS200/SS300 Series SS200/SS300 Series

Constant Tension Clamps Application:

Constant Tension Clamp is widely used on the joints of oil, gas, liquid and rubber hose of the automobile, ship, tractor, sprinkler, gasoline engine, diesel engine and other mechanical equipment, and also in the Construction, fire and other fields of industry.

Constant Tension Clamps

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